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Since 1985, thousands around the world have celebrated the first day of Spring by eating vegan for the day in a huge international event called Meatout. Every year, Meatout raises awareness of the benefits of eating vegan: helping animals, achieving great health, and saving the planet.

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What can a plant-based diet do for the world?

By pledging to eat vegan, you’ll be sparing countless animals and saving the planet.
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spares .5 animals
a year
Animals Icon
preserves 148 square feet of
rainforest a year
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saves 3,700 gallons of
water a year
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Why Pledge for Meatout?

Odds are, you've interacted with dogs and cats, and you learned each of their little quirks and personalities. But did you know that, like our beloved pets, farmed animals are also individuals who feel love and fear, joy and sadness, delight and pain? Every year in the U.S. alone, billions of these animals are raised on factory farms, crammed onto trucks and sent to slaughterhouses. You can help save these animals every time you sit down to eat—learn how above.

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We're all trying to do our part to protect the environment. We recycle, drive hybrid cars, and use compact fluorescent light bulbs. But did you know that what's on your plate three times a day can actually save the planet? Mouse over the image above to learn how.


You might be wondering if a vegan diet can provide the essential nutrients and protein that humans need to thrive. What if we told you that not only would you be getting everything you need to be healthy, but you could actually decrease your risk of developing cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic diseases? Learn how eating vegan can boost and protect your health above.


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Every year, Meatout is supported by a broad coalition of environmental and animal issue-focused nonprofits, generous plant-based food companies, mayors and governors across the country, and countless individuals. Browse the sections below to find out more about who is on board to Eat Vegan for a Day—you just might be surprised!

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Media Coverage

Every year since 1985, Meatout has made a splash in the media, from talk shows to food features in newspapers. See what people are saying about Meatout below!

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