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Tell your non-vegan friends about the Meatout Pledge!

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Host a get-together for vegans and new pledgers

Step 1: Pick a Meetup Event to Host

Pick an event that will bring people together, like a potluck, dine-out or cooking class. Remember, for many people this will be their first time exploring vegan eating, so keep it social, light and fun.

Step 2: Select a Place for Your Event

College campuses, parks or cafes are all great places to hold a meetup event. Make sure to reserve your space early to make sure there will be space for your attendees.

Step 3: Order Literature

As this will be the first opportunity for many of the pledgers to explore vegan eating, it is a great opportunity to provide them with educational materials you can order for FREE from our Compassionate Activist Network.

Step 4: Share Your Event!

Spread the word about your meetup as soon as possible. First, register your event on the Meatout website so new pledgers can find it. Next, try posting flyers at schools and cafes and use social media platforms to share your event.

Step 5: Hold Your Event

Be early to your event to set up and greet people as they show up. Encourage others to introduce themselves and help initiate conversation. Make sure to take lots of pictures! Once you're done, submit an event report to the Compassionate Activist Network and earn 2,500 credits you can use to earn gift cards to vegan businesses, supplies to support your activism, or even cash!

Find an Event Near You  |  Register Your Event Now!


Start the day off right by distributing vegan breakfast food samples

Encourage people to eat vegan for the rest of the day by sampling delicious breakfast foods at a college campus near you!

Plan to hold your event on campus in the morning as students are going to class. Select just a couple breakfast options to sample, such as yogurt and granola, waffles with syrup, bagels and cream cheese or breakfast sausages. 

To host your own event, follow the steps of our Compassionate Activist Network Sampling Guide.

There are just a few extra steps to make this event special for Meatout:

    • Register your event on the Meatout site.
    • Research the vegan options on campus before your event. To encourage students to explore eating vegan for the rest of the day, prepare a handout with a list of vegan dining options on campus.
    • You will receive bonus CAN credits (in addition to regular CAN credits) for organizing a Meatout Morning food sampling event, depending on how many samples you distribute.
      100+ samples 2,000 bonus credits 
      150+ samples 3,000 bonus credits 
      200+ samples 5,000 bonus credits 
      1,000+ samples 15,000 bonus credits 

If you have questions or need assistance, contact FARM's Campaigns Manager at