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Welcome to The Great American Meatout, the world's largest annual grassroots diet education campaign!

National and local media have been very supportive of Meatout since it was launched in 1985.

  • News editors and anchors have reported on local educational events and interviewed national and local organizers.
  • Lifestyle editors and talk shows have featured interviews with Meatout celebrities and organizers.
  • Food editors have run delightful meatless recipes and stories on the growing popularity of ready-to-eat meatless foods.
  • Letters editors have published hundreds of letters from local activists.
  • Magazines, billboard companies, and transportation systems have generously donated space to carry the Meatout message to millions.

Recent times have seen some startling developments in national dietary trends:

  • Obesity is surpassing smoking as top a national health threat.
  • The vegan food market has been growing dramatically.
  • Reports of meat consumers infected by the deadly E. coli strain continue to accumulate.
  • A survey found that 1 in 4 college students wants vegan meals on campus.
  • Fast food establishments are offering veggie burgers and leaner menus.
  • Major food manufacturers have been marketing more alternativess to meat and dairy.
  • Major supermarkets have been offering more alternatives to meat and dairy.
  • Several states have been recommending a vegetarian school lunch option.

These developments have contributed to Meatout's ever-growing success!


Michael A. Webermann
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800-MEATOUT (800-632-8688)


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