Action Guide

Please notify us of your interest in Meatout by registering online or by calling 1-800-MEATOUT (632-8688).

Options for Events

  • Leafleting
  • Information Table
  • Feed-ins
  • Retail Outreach
  • Classroom Presentations
  • Meatout Proclamations
  • and more!

Registering is very important. It allows us to keep you up-to-date with Meatout happenings, provide you support and materials, post your events on our website, inform activists and media in your area of your event, and use our international events directory to promote Meatout to national media. Registering is also a great way for you to get support from local activists and media.

When you register, make sure to request an Event Pack. This will provide you with essential materials you'll need to make your Meatout event a success. The Event Pack includes pledge forms, full-color posters, signs, handouts, stickers, master prints (for copies), and more!


Leafleting is the simplest type of event to organize because it requires no permit, no equipment, and little planning. Popular locations are fast food outlets at lunch time and college campuses between classes, but any busy area will do. In addition to Meatout handouts that promote the pledge (which can be requested when you register), check out VeganOutreach for additional pamphlets. You can view Meatout's handout below, click for larger images. 

   Front of Meatout Handout

    Back of Meatout Handout

MO14handout front gotprint-1 MO14handout back gotprint


Quick tips:

  • If you are leafleting on public property (like sidewalks), do not block the sidewalk or any doorways; leafleting is otherwise entirely legal.
  • The use of a display board provides additional information (especially to those who don't stop for a leaflet).
  • Free vegan food samples, a costume, or other displays add a lot; wearing a t-shirt with a message also helps spread the word.
  • If you’re short on time, simply drop off our Meatout handouts promoting the pledge at various locations throughout your community. Locations can include libraries, universities, health food stores, or anywhere else you see fit. You may also want to hang posters in the same areas.

Information Tables

An exhibit is basically the unstaffed version of an information table. Libraries and student unions are popular locations for this type of event, which tends to have more of a visual thrust than an information table. Display materials, including books, can be kept under a protective glass cover, while handouts can be made available to passersby.Information tables are the most popular type of activity, requiring only a handful of people and a few hours of planning effort. All you have to do is pick a popular location and busy time of day, obtain a permit if necessary, then show up for a couple of hours with a table, a couple of chairs, and lots of display and handout materials. Universities, health food stores, restaurants, and festivals are just a few popular locations to set up. Conversation is encouraged when tabling, so be sure to encourage the interested individual to sign the Meatout pledge. Below are banners and poster that can be saved, downloaded and used at Meatout events. 


                   Get Active Banner

                   Take Pledge Banner

Meatout banner 1 Meatout banner image


Meatout Poster

(large high res PDF file)




Distributing food samples is an excellent way of demonstrating the benefits of a healthy, compassionate diet through delicious vegan food. It's also a great way of attracting a crowd since most people are drawn to free food! Offer samples of meat-alternatives at a busy downtown intersection, in front of a supermarket or restaurant, at a university, or any other location you see fit. Be sure to let people know what they're eating and where they can purchase it. If the individual is enjoying what they are eating, encourage them to take the Meatout pledge! It may be a good idea to have a volunteer on hand who can help the person of interest sign the pledge or any other information they may need since you may be busy handing out samples and having conversations.

Another great resource is!
Veg Fund provides funding for vegan food, serving supplies and any table/booth fees. They also provide ideas on venues, recipes, and educational literature.

Workplace Feed-Ins

This type of event offers ample room for effort and creativity. It can be as simple as putting out some veggie snacks, Meatout posters, and handouts in a college dorm or workplace lunchroom, or it can be as ambitious as getting a major corporation, university, or hospital cafeteria to go vegan. It may be a good idea to leave the pledge on the table and near the food, that way your colleagues have easy access to it if they enjoy the food. You can also check back with your colleagues on the 20th to remind them of Meatout and their promise to eat vegan for the day! With you being in the same office as them, it'll be easy to answer their questions or encourage them to keep it up if they feel uneasy.

Retail Outreach

Retail outreach is a key component of the Meatout campaign, and it can range from very simple projects to very involved ones. Retail outreach involves encouraging supermarkets and restaurants to carry and promote more vegan foods. We strongly encourage activists to include retail outreach among their activities.

For a more direct impact, you can work with us to get more vegan items on the shelves of your local supermarket or on the menu of your favorite restaurant. In some cases, this can be as simple as filling out a product suggestion card. In other instances, you may need to develop a relationship with the management, provide samples, or stage a cooking demonstration. We are developing relationships on a national scale, but we need help on the local level.On the simpler end of things, you can set up a literature area, an information table, or other display at your local supermarket or restaurant to educate clientele and employees. Make sure to have it set up before the 20th of March, giving customers ample amount of time to prepare to take their pledge!

Classroom Presentations

Conduct a presentation or show a video about the benefits of a veg diet.
Encourage the class to abstain from animal products on March 20th just to give it a try
Offer vegan food samples during lunch; set up an information table with the pledge and other literature, if possible.
Lecture/Video Presentations

Lecture/Video Presentations require a qualified speaker, an informative and entertaining video and/or suitable materials. The location can be a classroom, student union, community center, church, or private home. Free food samples do a lot to boost audience size and encourage the audience to sign the pledge after the presentation.

Help Us Get a Meatout Proclamation in Your City

Each year, Meatout urges governors and mayors across the U.S. to support a healthy, plant-based diet by officially proclaiming March 20th as the Great American Meatout. With your help, we can get a proclamation in your city and/or state. Participating is easy. Simply e-mail us with your name and contact information and we'll send in the request. Once we receive a copy of the proclamation for our files, you can keep it to put on display for your event or keep it as a souvenir.

Proclamations help bring media attention. Last year, Meatout received major media coverage following Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm's proclamation signing. Animal exploiters across Michigan went to the press, calling it “insensitive” and “unconscionable” that Granholm suggest citizens try plant-based eating. Not missing a beat, FARM and supporters across the country countered with dozens of media interviews, over 150 published letters to the editor, and even a Meatout TV.

To view this year's proclamations click here.


Other Ideas & Themes:

Festivals or fairs combine elements of other types of events. More planning, promotion, and resources are needed for festivals, but they attract a lot of people and are really worth it! Common ingredients of a festival are musical entertainment, street theater, local celebrities, food samples, cooking demos, videos, and other attractive display and handout materials. As a way to create an attractive exhibit area and cover some of the costs of the lifestival, organizers may rents booths to local food retailers and health care providers. Typical locations are a public park or downtown plaza.