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Since 1985, activists around the world have celebrated March 20th, the first day of Spring, by sharing their love of vegan food as part of a huge international event called Meatout. Every year, Meatout introduces thousands of people to the benefits of a compassionate diet for achieving great health, helping the environment, and of course, saving animals.


How many animals can a plant-based diet save?


You likely already know all the reasons to go veg. (If not, check out our Resources page for more info!)

But did you know you can multiply your impact by taking action in your community doing effective outreach? By joining Meatout this year, if you get just one person to go vegan, check out the impact you can make below!

saves 1⁄14 poultry birds
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saves 1⁄1000 pigs
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saves 19⁄20 aquatic animals
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Share the Love with Vegan Food

Food sampling is a great way to show people that vegan food can be fun, compassionate, and delicious! Join the action this Meatout Day by distributing food samples in your community. Here are some tips to get you started.

  • Decide on your menu: First things first: figure out what samples you’d like to share! There are lots of great vegan products out there, from vegan meat products at Gardein, Tofurky, Field Roast, and Beyond Meat, to the variety of non-dairy milks and cheeses like Daiya and Follow Your Heart. Make sure to pick items that travel well, can be divided easily into single-serve portions, and will still be tasty even if sitting out for a while.
  • Pick a location: We recommend holding events at popular spots with high foot traffic, like college campuses, farmer’s markets, local parades and events, or inside your local grocery store.
  • Register your event: Once you’ve got your basics figured out, register your Meatout 2017 event! We’ll be in touch to provide you with free literature to distribute at your event and more! Registering also helps other like-minded folks in the area hear about your event and come to help out!
  • Seek financial assistance (if needed): If you need help covering the costs of your event, U.S. residents can apply for a grant with VegFund up to 2 weeks before your event. Members of FARM’s Compassionate Activist Network will be eligible to receive free Meatout kits to offset the cost of their outreach. 
  • Hold your event and tell us about it!: Recruit some friends, prepare your samples, and get to passing them out! Make sure visitors leave with literature so they can learn more. Take some photos and keep good track of how many samples you distributed. Share your story with us on social media using #meatout2017 and be sure to tag FARM on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Get Started

Register Your Event
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Once you know the basics for your event, fill out a brief registration form to let us know about your outreach. We’ll provide you with free literature to distribute at your event and more! Register today and start spreading the love! Not ready to commit? Find an event near you and volunteer to help!

If you need financial assistance for your event, you may apply for a grant through

Members of FARM’s Compassionate Activist Network will be eligible to receive a free Meatout Kit full of product coupons to offset the cost of their event(s).

Get involved year-round with FARM’s Compassionate Activist Network and take your Meatout action to the next level! Keep up your activism all month long in the Meatout March Challenge and make a huge impact for animals, plus be eligible to earn great bonus prizes!
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